Helix Ten has launched Loclville! Take a look! Loclville one site for a hyper-local shout out!

www.loclville.com – Main Site

m.loclville.com  – Mobile Site

www.facebook.com/loclville – Facebook

www.twitter.com/loclville -Twitter


What is Loclville.com?
Call it a new old way to come together. A safe way to make local friends and meet local needs. An easy way to help locals help locally. Here is the one site for a hyper-local shout out.
It is here where you now have a place to introduce yourselves to others who live or work right around you. Post a yard sale, check fire alerts, upload a school event, pocket a local offer from a local business. All up to you.
You may just want to browse, discover what your neighbors say, what you can do, what you can use or had no idea was going on. This board is the best way to reach those close enough to call them local.
How local is up to you. One block, four streets, five miles, the max, the choice is yours.You choose how far you are seen. You choose how far you want to look. The radius of your community is up to you. Local business, private residents, visitors, all come together right here.
In hard times, community matters and we believe those who can do the most, are those who are close by.
We call it loclville.com.
Your place to feel at home,
your place to make a difference.

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