Is it time for a website need a redesign? Take the test

Not sure if it is time for a new website. Take the test.

  • Does your site feel effortless? Your site worked exactly the way you wanted it to when it first launched. Does upgrades, changes, expanded product categories and new content made it unwieldy and difficult for visitors to navigate (and for you to manage and easily update)? If so, it’s definitely time for a redesign.
  • Are you really as customer service oriented as you think you are? What and how your customers order (or don’t order), their comments and phone calls, tell you everything you need to know about how user-friendly your site is. You might believe you are doing everything you can to make their experience positive, but their words and actions will tell you if that is true. Listen and redesign around their feedback; it will pay off for both of you.

Full story at Direct Marketing News.

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